No advertising

It is prohibited to post links with the sole intent to promote your content or content that you are affiliated with for commercial purposes. Spammy links will be removed.

You may post links to your own or other’s content as a reply to a post if the link contains relevant information. You may also post a link to content that you are not affiliated with to promote a discussion or to inform of news or findings that are relevant to the members of the group.

It is generally prohibited to post job listings, advertising services, or requesting work in the group.

Exceptions to the above are pre-approved posts. Contact the group admin (Jonas Julian Jensen) to ask for approval before posting such content.

No business accounts

Only individuals are allowed to join the group.

Business accounts (Facebook pages) are unable to join the group because of the group settings. Personal Facebook accounts that belong to businesses rather than individuals may not join the group. Furthermore, using personal Facebook accounts for commercial purposes is a violation of Facebook’s terms.

Be respectful

Don’t launch personal attacks on other members. You may criticize the proposed ideas and arguments, but never the people behind them.

Don’t use sarcastic comments to point out the flaws of others. If you wish to inform someone that their post is less intelligent or inappropriate, do so without resorting to mocking or name-calling.

Racial slur is prohibited, and remarks on religious matters are discouraged.

Write in English

English is the only acceptable language for posts and discussions. Content that you link to must also be in the English language. You should strive to write correctly spelled and grammatically correct English. Members should restrict themselves from using slang or slur.

Those who have less than perfect English skills are still encouraged to participate in the discussion and create posts. Group members shall be respectful and not criticize or harass other members because of spelling or grammar errors.

Post relevant content

Top-level posts should be at least somewhat related to VHDL, FPGAs, or digital logic design. Discussions about non-technical subjects are welcome as long as they are remotely related to the mentioned subjects.

It is prohibited to ask for complete solutions to homework, exams, or employment skill tests. Although asking for help with specific parts when you are stuck and have tried to solve the problem is accepted.

Examples of subjects that are allowed:

  • Workplace related matters
  • Organizing social gatherings with group members
  • Career advice
  • Introducing yourself to the group
  • Jokes and memes that are somewhat related to VHDL or FPGAs
  • Scripting languages used in conjunction with VHDL or FPGA tools
  • Talk about FPGA related hardware

Examples of subjects that are not allowed:

  • Talk about Verilog or SystemVerilog that doesn’t involve VHDL somehow
  • Talk about other programming languages which have no relevance to VHDL or FPGAs
  • Other, completely unrelated content