What can I get from VHDLwhiz.com?

You can kick-start your understanding of the VHDL language and of digital logic design. The condensed posts and short videos present concepts and techniques to you easily and understandably. Together we can make you less of a beginner, and more of a VHDL whiz!

If you are a seasoned VHDL professional, you can still learn some things from this blog. Every designer hasn’t solved every kind of problem, so it might give you some new ideas. Even if you have, there are many solutions the every single problem, almost as many as there are VHDL designers. Therefore, you will probably not agree with me 100% on subjects you are knowledgeable about. That’s OK. Such discussions are healthy, and I encourage you to debate me!

Jonas Julian Jensen

Who am I?

I’m Jonas Julian Jensen, an FPGA engineer in his mid-thirties from Norway. I live in Oslo, and I work in the aerospace industry. I earned my master’s degree in informatics at the University of Oslo. I wrote a thesis on acceleration of databases using dynamic reconfiguration in FPGAs.

I generally like problem solving, and that’s why I chose to become a hardware engineer. There’s nothing that can replace FPGAs and ASICs. When the requirements for the application cannot be satisfied by using existing microcontrollers or GPUs, custom digital logic is the last resort. I enjoy the challenge in finding simple logic solutions to complex problems.

Check out my other projects on jonasjulianjensen.com!