Here’s a collection of VHDL and FPGA quizzes can use for fun and to assess your skills.

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Basic VHDL – Part 1

VHDL code quiz belonging to the first five lessons of the
Basic VHDL Tutorials

  • Wait statement
  • Loops
  • Printing text
  • Variables
Basic VDL quiz - part 1

Basic VHDL – Part 2

Test your skills after doing lessons 6-11 of the
Basic VHDL Tutorials

  • Processes
  • Signals
  • Wait On
  • Wait Until
Basic VHDL quiz part 2

Basic VHDL – Part 3

Questions for lessons 12-17 of the
Basic VHDL Tutorials

  • Signed and unsigned
  • Concurrent statements
  • Case-When
  • Port and generics

Basic VHDL – Part 4

Quiz for the last six lessons of the
Basic VHDL Tutorials

  • Clocked processes
  • Finite-state machines
  • Functions
  • Procedures

Basic VHDL – All questions

VHDL and FPGA design quiz with 28 questions for beginners and intermediate learners in random order from VHDLwhiz’s free Basic VHDL Tutorials course.

Basic VHDL quiz - All questions