Basic VHDL quiz – Part 4

Test your progress with this VHDL quiz after completing part 4 of the Basic VHDL Tutorial series!

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How do we measure real-time in an FPGA by using VHDL?

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Which statement is true

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Which statement describes a fundamental flaw in this fire control system?

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Which statement about functions is true?

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How are impure functions different from pure functions?

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What is true regarding the := 0 in this procedure declaration?

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  1. First of all, thank you so very much!
    These are by far the most comprehensible tutorials I have come across like ever!
    Brilliant work.

    So here my two cents out of gratitude:

    Basic VHDL Quiz – part 4
    Which statement is not true?
    Answer 3 : The return statement cannot be omitted.
    -> Correct

    So the return statement CAN be omitted???

    “Unlike in most other programming languages, the return keyword is mandatory in functions in VHDL.”

    Confused by double negation. Me or you 😉

    1. You are right! I missed the possibility of using return statements in procedures without returning a value. According to the Renata link you posted, functions must return a value, while procedures can have return statements, but then without a return value.

      I am changing this question.

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