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The VHDLwhiz blog has been running since 2017, and it has lots of relevant content, no matter if you are a total newbie or a seasoned expert.

For your convenience, I’ve organized the articles into these categories and skill levels:

Free resource: Basic VHDL course

Basic VHDL course

The Basic VHDL tutorial series covers the most important features of the VHDL language.

This VHDL course for beginners will help you understand the fundamental principles of the language. It is a primer for you to be able to excel at VHDL.

No hardware is required, meaning you can start right away! The VHDL tutorial exercises are run only in a VHDL simulator. I’m using a free version of Questa/ModelSim, but you can use any VHDL simulator that you have access to.

VHDL and FPGA words and explanations

VHDL and FPGA terminology

There’s a lot of jargon in the FPGA community.

We are discussing advanced technology, and that makes it difficult for newcomers to join the conversation.

But it’s not only newbies that wonder.

How many times have you googled “true dual-port RAM” because you are unsure what it really means?

Check the terminology library whenever you’re in doubt.

VHDL language attributes explanations

VHDL attributes

An attribute in VHDL is a meta property attached to a type or object. We can use them to get information about the item that goes beyond the value it carries.

Some attributes are only for simulation, while others are also useful for avoiding hard-coded constants in synthesizable code.

This is a list of predefined attributes from the VHDL language reference manual with examples.

VHDL code snippets

I often answer questions with VHDL examples or other code that FPGA engineers use.

Instead of letting it go to waste, I publish the answers in the VHDL snippet library so that googlers or visitors to my blog, like you, can benefit from them.

I will update this page regularly.

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There are many free items in the VHDLwhiz shop. Example projects and even free VHDL course materials.

Each comes with an article, PDF, or video explaining how they work and how to use them.

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The VHDLwhiz YouTube channel


On the VHDLwhiz YouTube channel, you can find numerous video tutorials about FPGA design using VHDL.

Most videos are embedded in articles on this website, and I always link to the relevant page in the video description.

Remember to subscribe and click the links in the video descriptions to get the whole context of the lessons.

VHDL for FPGA Engineers on Facebook

Facebook group

Join the private Facebook group VHDL for FPGA Engineers by VHDLwhiz!

You can reach out to the community, ask questions, and get answers from thousands of other members or me.

Just make sure to post a minimal example of your code and explain what’s wrong. That will maximize your chance of receiving an answer that helps you.

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