An interactive testbench is a simulator setup where input to the device under test (DUT) is provided by an operator while the testbench is running. Most often, this would mean you entering commands in the simulator console to provide the DUT with stimulus.

While you should always create a self-checking testbench, an interactive testbench can be a nice supplement. It’s easier to perform ad-hoc testing with an interactive testbench at hand, than it is to change the code of the self-checking testbench.

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The VHDL Analysis and Standardization Group (VASG), has been working for quite some time on finishing the draft for the upcoming VHDL-2019 revision of the language. The ballot has been held, and a list of approved changes has emerged.

What’s left before this becomes the latest revision of the VHDL language is for the draft to be reviewed by the IEEE Standards Review Committee. With their approval, IEEE 1076-2019 will become the official standard.e


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